Write important properties of water and phospholipids

1.Paclitaxel is a anticancer drug. It stabilizes microtubules and as a result, interferes with the normal breakdown of microtubules (you will know about microtubules in future lectures).The structure of the Paclitaxel is given below  


  • How many C, N, H and O atoms in paclitaxel
  • Label in the picture the hydrophobic part of paclitaxel
  • Label in the picture where it can make hydrogen bonds
  • Is this molecule is water soluble ? lipophilic ? both ? Explain
  • Can it form covalent bond ? Ionic bond?

2. Write important properties of water and phospholipids due to which life exists on the earth.

3. If double stranded DNA has 14% G (guanine), what percent A (adenine), T (thyamine) and C (cytosine) would you expect?

4. Describe what happened to the mice that griffith inoculated with a combination of two different harmless bacteria: rough (non-virulent) bacteria and heat-killed and inactivated smooth bacteria.

5. Create a conceptual design of new biological function by combining elements from different biological forms

6. Categorize the construction of biological hierarchy using bottom-up approach with examples

7. Fish species that live in completely dark caves have vestigial, non-functional eyes. How would you explain this adaptation in terms of evolution?

8. In general, the Caucasoid nose is narrow, thin and high. On the other hand, the Negroid nose is broad, flat and low. Evaluate the difference based on the location.

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