Describe what type of chemical signature

After examining the hydrogen bonding diagrams of the twocommon base pairs of DNA it becomes apparent that approaching eachbase pair in the major and minor grooves is an interaction withtheir sides. Describe what type of chemical signature would bepresent for the sides of each base pair and why these chemicalsignatures would be present. The space filling DNA model indicatesthat 4 base pair sides are visible (approachable) in the majorgroove region. If these base pair sides in the major groove areused as promoter keys to uniquely specify the location and controlof each of the 20,000 genes of the human genome, how many base pairsides and therefore major groove regions would be required?

If anyone has any input it would be SO greatly appreciated, Iam so desperate I have no idea where to start with this insanequestion. I will rate lifesaver IMMEDIATELY!!

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