What must happen to the bacterial cells

Q. a) If you give Acholeplasma cells access to the mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, they will thrive at room temperature. Could you explain why with reasons?

b) If you transfer the bacteria of part a to a medium containing only saturated fatty acids but make no other changes in culture conditions, they will stop growing shortly after the change in medium. Why?

c) What is one way you might get bacteria of part b growing again without changing the medium? Explain

d) if you were to preserve the Acholeplasma culture of part b under the conditions described there for an extended period of time, what must happen to the bacterial cells? Describe

e) what result could be predicted if you were to transfer the bacteria of part a to the medium containing only unsaturated fatty acids without making any other changes in the culture of conditions? Elucidate

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