Solution-Case study from the perspective of a dietitian

Read the following case study from the perspective of a dietitian. In point form, write five statements that you would discuss with Curtis, with the goal of improving his health. For each point, aID a sentence that gives him information about metabolism that he should be aware of and the reasons why he should consider changing his diet and lifestyle.

Case study: Curtis’s diet and lifestyle

Curtis is a 50-year-old male. His job is sedentary and he participates in no regular physical activity. He quit smoking when he was 40, after having had a near-fatal heart attack. His mother and father both suffered heart attacks in their fifties and his grandmother (on his mother’s side) had two strokes. He drinks energy drinks in the morning with bacon and eggs, and has two hamburgers and a plate of fries for lunch every day. He always has a serving of meat and salad for dinner, and a bag of potato chips and a diet soft drink for a snack in the evening.

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