Solution-Why assist reproductive technologies have not

Article:Live Births from Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris) Embryos Produced by In Vitro Fertilization

1. Reading scientific research articles can be challenging. It helps to look up the definitions of unfamiliar terms along the way. Read the recently published article “Live births from domestic dog (Canis familiaris) embryos produced by in vitro fertilization” by Nagashima et al. As you read it, use this first page to list all unfamiliar terms to you, as well as a summary of the information you found online to define each term.

2. Use this page to summarize the article in your own words, as if you were explaining it to a friend who is not taking this Biol 1620 lab. In your explanation you must explain: 1) why assisted reproductive technologies have not worked in dogs in the past, 2) the experiment the researchers performed and its results that helped them overcome the previous challenges, and 3) what the researchers’ findings mean for endangered species conservation.

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