What is knudsons multistep cancer model-how do tumors evolve

1. What is Knudson’s Multistep Cancer Model? How does it explain that some people have a “predisposition” to cancer?
2. How do tumors evolve?
3. Cancer genes fall into 2 catagories. What are they?
4. How can viruses cause cancer?
5. What are Cyclin-dependent kinases and how are they related to cancer?
6. What’s the difference between innate and learned behavior? Which one has a genetic basis?
7. What are the 4 classical methods for determining whether or not a behavior has a genetic basis?
8. Describe a “selection” experiment?
9. How can a microarray be used to identify genes important in regulating a behavior? How would you set up the experiment?
10. Define: fru

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