Cranberry juice might help prevent urinary tract infections

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Have you heard that drinking cranberry juice might help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs)? UTIs can occur in both genders but are more common in females due to the shorter length of the urethra. Is this a medical myth, old wives’ tale, or does it really work?

For this discussion, research what causes UTIs and what can happen in both genders if left untreated. Search for relevant articles about drinking cranberry juice to prevent UTIs and be prepared to share them with the class. Then in your main post, answer the following Discussion topics:

1.    Describe the causes of an UTI in both genders.

2.    If left untreated, list the possible outcomes for both genders.

3.    Can drinking cranberry juice help prevent UTIs? Explain why or why not. Include a link to the article that supports your decision.

4.    What other “home-remedies” have you heard of that can be used to treat UTIs?

a.    Are any supported by science or could they be considered pseudoscience?

b.    If you believe these other “home-remedies” are supported by science, please provide a link to an article that supports it



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