Health programs available to prevent communicable diseases

Vaccines are one of the largest public health programs available and help prevent many communicable diseases. When browsing the website, make sure to review the following sections beneath “Vaccines and Immunizations Topics”: Vaccines in the United States; Education and Training; Requirements and Laws; Partners; and Vaccines and Preventable Diseases. Introduction to Environmental Issue PowerPoint: Do a search on an environmental issue that you find interesting. Create a PowerPoint Presentation, consisting of 6 slides, for the environment topic you have chosen. Below is a breakdown of what each slide should include: Introduction- review of your topic; Statistical information; Causes; Affects on the community; Conclusion; and Reference slide (a list of all sources used within the PowerPoint). Make sure to include “speaker” notes for items that are unable to fit onto the slide. The notes section represents your actual voice, so this is what you would say if this was an in-person course.

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