Result of phenylalanine deamination

Question: Along with phenylpyruvic acid, ammonia is produced as a result of phenylalanine deamination. Could you think of a way in which the production of ammonia could be used as an indication of a postiive reaction?

2) 3’      A T A T___ ____ ____ C A C ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ____ ___ ____ ___ 5’

       mRNA A U A U A G

       tRNA G A C


Amino acid    Met ____________ _______________ ______________ _______________


A) Using the genetic code, fill in the blanks to complete the segment of DNA shown.

B) Fill in the blanks to complete the sequence of amino acids coded for by this strand of DNA.

C) Write the code for the complementary strand of DNA completed in part a.

D) What would be the effect if the C at position 10 were changes in part a G?

E) What would be the effect of a G insert between bases 13 &14?

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