Solution-Genes for mendel characters

The genes for Mendel’s characters seed shape and seed color, are on different chromosomes. Each gene has two alleles. Starting, as Mendel did, with “true breeding” parents, show in writing and as part of a diagram, what their genotype is, the genotype of their gametes, the genotype of their progeny (the F1), the genotypes of their progeny’s gametes, and the genotypes of the F2. Include statements about the proportion of each kind of the genotypes you identify.

To minimize the number of figures you should draw, I suggest that you illustrate the following stages:

Parents genotypes (as I did in class, use one color for pollen donor (male function), another for plant fertilized by the pollen, different chromosomes different sizes/shapes)

Anaphase I of meiosis in parents

Anaphase II of meiosis in parents

Gametes produced by meiosis in parents and their proportions.

F1 genotypes

Anaphase I of meiosis in F1

Anaphase II of meiosis in F2

Gametes produced by meiosis in F2 and their proportions.

F2 Genotypes and their proportions; do this with letters only, not pictures.

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