Define the terms puerperium

1. Explain the practice of the “hot” and “cold” diet theory that is used by some cultures after childbirth.

2. Define the terms puerperium, involution and subinvolution.

3. Explain what happens to the uterus after birth. At the first fundal checks, where will the fundus usually be found? List the finding if the blaIDer is distended. Describe in words how the hands are to be placed when palpating of massaging the uterus. If the uterus feels boggy, what should the nurse do? How does the staff nurse, not a student, express clots from the uterus? What would happen if the nurse overstimulated the uterus by massaging it too much? List three treatments, other than giving medication, that can help the uterus to contract and control hemorrhage.


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