Problem Set 2 Due Friday, October 14 IMPORTANT NOTES. Please turn in a paper copy showing all of your work and answers. Make sure to staple your…

As shown in the figure below, a spaceship of mass Ms tows cargo of mass Mc with two pieces of adamantium cable joined by a small steel fastener whose length and mass are negligible. One piece is of length l , the other is of length 2 l, and they both have mass per unit length λ. The steel fastener can be under a maximum tension Tmax before it breaks.

(a) What is the maximum allowable thrust (force) that the spaceship’s engine can exert on the spaceship before the fastener breaks?

(b) At this maximum thrust, what is the tension in the entire cable (both pieces) as a function of x, where x is the coordinate along the cable and its point of contact with the cargo is x = 0?

It is challenge problem #9 on the second to last page with a diagram if you need. PLEASE show detailed steps as much as possible so I can follow your explanation sans words. Thank you so so so much!!!

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