Public Health Medicine – Research expression of interest –

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To complete a 2000 word essay EOI (expression of interest)
The topic of your EOI must:
i) Be of public health interest. Consider the following definition of public health: “the organised response by society to protect and promote health, and to prevent illness, injury and disability.
The starting point for identifying public health issues, problems and priorities, and for designing and implementing interventions, is the population as a whole, or population sub-groups” (National
Public Health Partnership 1997).
ii) Address an issue of relevance to rural, vulnerable or high-risk populations. This includes (but is not limited to) those who are marginalised by way of: low SES, rurality/remoteness, Aboriginal
or Torres Strait Islander status, disability, sexual orientation, or cultural and linguistic diversity
iii) Align with one of the national health/research priorities listed in either of the links below:
o National Health Priority Areas:
o Australian Medical Association – most pressing health priorities in 2014:
o National Centre for Farmer Health: please refer to attached document.

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