soc 342 social and health assignment

Complete a brief analysis (one to two page paper) of the homeless population within your state of residence. First, be sure to identify your state of residence. Begin your search by visiting the following website:

  • First, be sure to identify your state of residence (Texas).
  • Next, begin information gathering by visiting the following website: National Alliance to End Homelessness at
  • Once on this site you will find a live link to the State of Homelessness in America in 2013. Click on the link and you will be brought to the page which contains several chapters of this report.
  • Click on the Chapter 1 live link and read the information found there (approximately 11 pages with lots of charts and graphs).
  • Find out about homelessness in your state of residence. Report the estimated number of people in your state for each of the following categories: a) the total number of homeless people in the state; b) the number who are chronically homeless; c) the number which represents family homelessness; and d) those who are unsheltered homeless.
  • Also indicate the percent change in the homeless population in your state from 2011 to 2012.
  • Also indicate in your report which methodology was used for this report in order to determine the counts. Explain if you agree with the methodology used or not, and explain why.

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