Use Figure 6.4 below to answer the following

Figure 6-5. Geologic block diagram of a hypothetical region showing igneous intrusions (K and L), a fault (M), and sedimentary rock layers.

1)             The igneous intrusion K is older / younger (circle one) than sedimentary layers A and B based on the principle of___________________________ and the principle of _______________.

2)             Which law or principle can be used to prove that the sedimentary layers A – H were disturbed (tilted) by a geological event?

3)             The igneous intrusion intrude into layer A and B before / after (circle one) the tilt of the sedimentary layers A-H. Explain your answer.

4)             Although not shown in this figure, fault M must have cut layers A and B because:

5)             Could fault M also cut F, G, and H? Explain your answer.

6)             Identify and describe all unconformities indicated in this cross section.

7)             List, from oldest to youngest, the relative ages of sedimentary layers, igneous intrusions, fault, and formation of the unconformities.

Oldest __________________________________________________ Youngest

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