what data set can you help complete slide information we chose electronic health records

Prepare and submit a “Concept Map”. For the information system structure your learning team has selected from the list of five described for the Week Three assignment, show visually the relationship between benefits, functions, and data sets characteristic of this information system structure. 

  • Review the example concept map included as materials with this assignment. Refer to the speaker notes for a description of concept maps. Please note: This is just an example based on a different topic. You should not copy these goals verbatim as the basis for your concept map.
  • Reach consensus as a learning team on the following:
    • The information system structure the learning team will focus on for this assignment as well as the learning team assignments due in week three and week six (refer to the list of five information system structures in week three).
    • Three benefits of this information system structure
    • For each benefit, define three functions of the information system structure
    • For each function, define a data set that is used to support this function and realize the benefit.  
  • Submit a single slide using Microsoft® PowerPoint® and include detailed speaker notes. Designate a member of the learning team to submit the concept map using the “Assignments” link.

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