Which of the following should be takenbefore beginning a elderly personto an starting an individual

Which of the following should be taken before beginning a elderly person to an starting an individual

exercise program?

Identify disease processes that could affect the type of exercise program prescribed.

Get a physical therapist consult to identify restrictions.

Asses the goal level of fitness for their age group.

Assess their ability to surpass exercise fitness goals.

2. Which of the following are effects of alcoholism?

Alcohol affects only certain organs of the body.

Brain cells are not destroyed.

Impairment of gait, balance, and visual-spatial abilities

Short term memory is lost but there are no effects on long term memory.

3. Which of the following are changes that you may see in your elderly patients that will impact their nutrition?

The stomach does not get full as fast because the older person can accommodate more food.

The ability to taste salty foods increases.

Metabolism will slow down which means they will need to increase their calorie intake.

Taste and Smell will decrease.

4. Which of the following are activities that will assist with social stimulation?

Individual exercise

Planned outside activities

Crossword puzzles


5. All of the following are interventions that could benefit someone if you suspect malnutrition EXCEPT:

Have the dietitian evaluate the person’s menu plan and diet.

Consult the person’s physician to determine causes and review medications.

Have the person exercise to increase pleasure and stimulate appetite.

Encourage the person to eat in their room alone.

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