You are given two vectorsA⃗=−3.00ι^+7.00j^

You are given two vectors A⃗ =−3.00ι^+7.00j^

and B⃗ =5.00ι^+2.00j^. Let the counterclockwise angles be positive.

Part A

What angle θA, where 0∘≤θA<360∘, does A⃗  make with the +x-axis?

Part B

What angle θB, where 0∘≤θB<360∘, does B⃗  make with the +x-axis?

Part C

Vector C⃗  is the sum of A⃗  and B⃗ , so C⃗ =A⃗ +B⃗ . What angle θC, where 0∘≤θC<360∘, does C⃗  make with the +x-axis?

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